BBBEE Consulting

Improve your BBBEE rating with our development interventions


What is BBBEE?

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is a government initiative aimed at increasing equity and uplifting black business owners, stakeholders and employees. BBBEE is the process by which previously disadvantaged South Africans are empowered through the transfer of ownership. Compliance with BBBEE principles are regulated by Codes, which provide details on how BBBEE should be implemented.

Codes Elements Weighting
100 Ownership 20 Points
200 Management Control 10 Points
300 Employment Equity 15 Points
400 Skills Development 15 Points
500 Preferential Procurement 20 Points
600 Enterprise Development 15 Points
700 Socio-Economic Development 5 Points

Improve your BBBEE rating

Mind Magic consults on all empowerment codes. Our unique approach is based on organisational development principles, which means the BBBEE compliance requirements are aligned and integrated with business strategy and processes. This method ensures that your business capabilities are not compromised but actually enhanced by following a competency based methods in selection and training of equity partners, management and control, employment equity planning, skills development, supplier development and how your company promotes access to the economy for black people and contributes to socioeconomic development.  

  • We facilitate buy and sell agreements to raise the level of black ownership and increase the organisation’s ownership rating (Code 100)
  • We design and implement accelerated development programmes for selected high flyers and people with disabilities for management positions. We also provide specialised recruitment and selection services to place competent external candidates to meet your organisation’s skills requirements and to increase the organisation’s score in management and control. (Code 200)
  • We provide employment equity consulting and training services to ensure compliance to employment equity legal requirements and business process requirements and also to improve the organisation’s employment rating (Code 300)
  • We implement learnerships, skills programmes and short courses to improve your  organisation’s capabilities and competencies and also to improve your organisation’s skills development score (Code 400)
  • We customise and manage supplier development programmes for your business, provide business skills training for your suppliers, provide mentoring to suppliers and and implement quality management systems in your supplier organisations to improve their effectiveness and efficiencies as well as increase your organisation’s enterprise BBBEE rating. (Code 500)

BBBEE: Strategic Alignment Model