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Entrepreneurial Skills, the Basis for Business Training

When considering all of the literature that has been published regarding the skill-sets required to be an entrepreneur. These skill-sets can be broken down into three groups:

Entrepreneurship Skills
Management Skills
Technical Skills

The level of education and training required to develop each of these skills will be highly dependent upon the levels of human capital that individuals might already possess before embarking upon their entrepreneurial journey. Indeed it has been argued that developing these skill-sets will engender enterprising persons who should be equipped to fulfil their potential and create their own futures, whether or not as entrepreneurs (NESTA, 2008). Entrepreneurship Skill-Sets (Taken from Review of Literature) Kutzhanova et al (2009) examined an Entrepreneurial Development System located in the Appalachian region of USA and identified four main dimensions of skill:

  • Technical Skills – which are those skills necessary to produce the business’s product or service;
  • Managerial Skills – which are essential to the day-to-day management and administration of the company;
  • Entrepreneurial Skills – which involve recognizing economic opportunities and acting effectively on them;
  • Personal Maturity Skills – which include self-awareness, accountability, emotional skills, and creative skills.

Business Training Courses:

Working in today’s business world requires confidence, vision, and strategies that drive tangible business results. To meet the widespread demand for extraordinary leaders, we offer a range of courses based on the real-world challenges facing entrepreneurs. You will return to your business ready to lead change, overcome competitive challenges, address strategy gaps, and make the most of every opportunity for growth.

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

Budgets & Financial Reports

Business Acumen

Business Writing

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Intelligence

Employee Recruitment


Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

Human Resource Management

Negotiation Skills

Marketing Basics

Proposal Writing

Project Management

Sales Fundamentals

Supervising Others

Teamwork & Teambuilding