Innovation Workshops

Transforming your ideas, challenges and opportunities into value propositions

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Innovation Process


Learn how to develop a clear view based on the patterns of history.


Explore new and promising opportunities.


Build a prototype that encourages a future solution.


Address the big talent behind your big idea.


Create and share the idea that will guide all actions in the future.

                      Build the idea

                          Build the conditions for the idea to grow

Innovation Toolkit

Context Maps

Identify the main dimensions of your current problem or opportunity space.

Progression Curves

Place developments like event timelines and industry lifecycles in context.

Janus Cones

View multiple, overlapping and intersecting events in a single framework.

Generational Arcs

View the demographic changes and generational views of target population.

Future User

Compare your current and future customers to determine possible changes.


Use live theatre to depict a user need as a realistic scene from the future.

White Spots

Find hidden markets and have a broad look at the competitor landscape.

Paper Mockups

Create low cost models of your ideas to use for testing.

Change Paths

Plot the major milestones needed to achieve your path to action.

Buddy Checks

Find good potential matches for more partners and teammates.


Identify your team’s aptitude for essential innovation leadership.

Crowd Clovers

Map your team’s innovation network to bring your idea to life.

Vision Statement

Learn how to convey your idea as a succinct summary.


Measure the visionary potential of your team’s radical innovation.


Determine an idea’s best path through your organisation or network.

Why innovation workshops?

Innovation is about creating a strong and sustainable value proposition from an idea, opportunity or a business challenge.

What is an innovation workshop?

People in business come up with ideas and opportunities all the time which they would like to exploit. But here comes the crunch! How you take an idea to fruition. You may want to earn revenue from the idea, save money, or improve your business. However, there are risks in every opportunity.

The company may also be experiencing challenges from quality, productivity, competitors, employees which also develops risk for the business.

We facilitate innovation workshops in order to deal with these ideas, opportunities and challenges by getting a clear perspective of the patterns of history leading up to the issue at hand, explore new and promising opportunities, develop a future solution and address the capacity building and sharing of the idea among stakeholders to guide all actions in the future.

How do we facilitate innovation workshops?

Key stakeholders participate in a 3 day workshop where they are engaged on the matter which they wish to explore and develop into an innovative solution. They work through a process of learning innovation tools and apply it immediately to the matter on hand. At the end of the workshop they have a blue print of an innovative solution to their problem. They also have the tools to further develop the solution and to engage other stakeholders in their organisation in order to build their capacity and to develop a vision by sharing the idea among stakeholders and to guide all actions in the future.