Skills Audits

If your answer is no to any of these questions, you need to hear about our skills auditing process.

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Does your organisation ever question the effectiveness of your training?

Can you measure the return on your training investment?

Does your training produce the planned performance you expect?

Can you measure the change in your learners behaviour after attending training?

Do you know what your learners skills gaps are?

Do you know what training is required to improve your business performance?

Skills Auditing Process:

1. Skills Analysis

Our skills audit starts with a comprehensive skills analysis of the jobs in your organisation. We identify the crucial skills required to perform the job successfully. Our skills analysis identifies outstanding, average and poor performance standards to benchmark the job incumbents skills levels.

Competency: Oral Communication


2. Skills Assessment

The incumbent’s skill is assessed against these skills and related standards to measure the incumbents skills levels to identify training needs.

Joe Sample has been assessed on Oral Communication and his competency level is 2. His proficiency rating is Not- Yet Competent.


3. Personal Development Plan

The skills needs of the incumbent is used to inform the employees personal development plan.


  • Joe is not a skilled presenter in varying circumstances.
  • Joe is shy.
  • Joe is nervous, even scared when speaking.

Joe’s Personal Development Plan:

  • Assertiveness training
  • Presentation skills training
  • Joe will present 3 different internal courses to an audience that he is familiar with in order to develop his confidence and competence in Oral Communication.

4. Online Development Solutions

Our skills audit is integrated with our online learning management system which gives the employee and his supervisor access to our comprehensive range of online training solutions.

Joe can select from the various online courses in order to develop his competence in Oral Communication.

5. Learner Support

There you have it. An effective online auditing tool, and access to elearning all on one integrated platform to make your job easy. Our elearning platform allows for various role players go support the development of your employees. It makes provision for a trainer, coach, mentor, supervisor, manager, Human Resource Manager to track and monitor the development of the employer.

Joe’s manager will mentor and coach Joe.

6. Reports

User reports are automatically generated. The report provides test results and learning activity completion.